Sunday, 1 March 2009

Spinlords of Spintania...

Good Afternoon,

Here we go, the first new release in a little while.

This collection of five tracks comes to you from the Spinlords of Spintania.

The music you will hear on your journey to Spintania is of a prog/fusion sort, wonderfully executed and recorded. A blend of outright heavy rock and melodic, what some might call "symphonic", passages. Full of bouncy licks, grooves and psychedelic schizouts; it provides everything you could ask for.

I can hear echoes of King Crimson filtered through all manner of other influences no doubt; Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Van der Graaf Generator, System of a Down, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Funkadelic, Frank Zappa, Gong, The Residents etc... All great stuff. But, of course, none of that means anything because the music of the Spinlords sounds like none of the above - they are the nearest points of reference; elements of my world-view which I use to explain my experiences (in this case auditory).

It is simply really great stuff, and I am sure that you will agree:

The Spinlords of Spintania


p.s. The Spinlords can be contacted via


Michael Henaghan said...

this is pretty excellent and man does that vocalist have Buckley-esque range, instrumentation is superb too

Foetal Orange said...

sure is great.

Foetal Orange said...

There is a review here: