Thursday, 5 March 2009

Omatic - "Capital Beard? The Venerable Would"...

Good Evening,

Another fat lump of marvelous music is coming your way right now.

This is Omatic's fantastic epic album - "Captial Beard? The Venerable Would".

If you like your rock hard and mental then this is the place to visit. Omatic combine infinite creativity with rhythmic competence and melodic brilliance to bring forth some of the most accomplished music you are likely to hear. Beautiful stuff indeed. Just listen to it:

Omatic - "Captial Beard? The Venerable Would"

And if that wasn't enough, the follow up album will be available in the very near future from this very place.

"Capital Beard? The Venerable Would" was originally released in 2005 via BeeBear Promotions in CD format with wonderful full colour artwork. If you are interested in getting hold of a CD then send me a message and it will be sorted out.


Michael Henaghan said...

Hey, Im having a bit of trouble accessing this record, it cuts out after 2.3mb???


Foetal Orange said...


It should be fine now.

Sorry about that. There were a few upload issues.

Check it out.