Monday, 13 October 2008

Phoenix From t'Ashes...


Foetal Orange is an independent Internet based promoter of free music and thinking. The aim is to help to promote a growing community of progressively minded musicians, artists and thinkers who are unaffraid of going where their ponderances take them.

It is really a continuation of "My Formica Table", which had to be closed down due to complaints that the net-label has likely caused "detriment" to the "distinctiveness" and "reputation" of the Formica trade mark.

Ah well.

So now it is to be Foetal Orange.

Hopefully things will pretty much be able to continue as normal. It might take a little while to get things properly sorted out. There were murmurs of change in the air anyway. I might as well embrace them and flow with the current.

Long Live Foetal Orange.


Rollasoc said...

So not worried that the phone company Orange won't take offense then and make you change the name again???

Foetal Orange said...

It's a distinct possibility.

But really, it's a fruit and a colour.

I hope they don't. It would be even more ridiculous.